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Internet millionaires are gradually increasing with many people realizing the various ways that they can make money online. They are literally building their “DotComMoneyPile“. Most times, they make this money while sitting in front of their computer screen at home and incurring minimal expenses. Getting an income through the internet can be done either as part time or full time depending on the job being done or the amount of time available. Furthermore, the amount of money to be made is also determined by an individual’s commitment and knowledge on the particular business. Due to the fact that there are many different ways of making dotcom money, it is essential to pick a proven system that works for you.

Illustrating how to make a pile of moneyAmong the many ways of earning an income online there are those that have proven to be quite successful because of their simple set up and high returns when done well. Majority of these online businesses have a professional website that they use as a communication channel between them and their customers. Therefore, it is important to own a website and make sure it is designed in a way that will enhance the business which subsequently leads to earning revenue. offers a service that will help you to get a system up and running very quickly.

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to earn revenue online without having to put in much effort. There are some companies that pay website owners whenever they recommend a product there is a sale from that referral. Most times, you only have to provide a link on your website or blog that directs readers to an online store or other sites to earn a commission. Nevertheless, to succeed at this kind of marketing, it is important to have a lot of traffic coming to your website.

There are a number of proven ways to drive traffic to a website within a short time and the easiest one is through the use of keywords. These keywords increase the site’s ranking on search engines thus increasing traffic in the long run. In addition, sharing content through social networks is also another way of increasing traffic especially if your audience can relate to it.

Article writing is another way that of earning money because many people are looking for various types of information online. However, when putting up a website or a blog with tailored content for an audience it is important to seek professional help or read through a lot of information to set up a good one. A well thought out website with quality articles is most likely to allow you to make money on a consistent basis to other sites and through advertising as well.

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Online stores that sell various goods and services have been making money for many internet savvy people for a long time. These websites which are designed to display various items similar to those in local malls allow customers to buy or sell their goods online in a more convenient manner. However, those setting up such a website for the first time should understand that earning good revenue takes time. Most people with this mindset have gone ahead to prosper and make a lot of money on the internet.

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